Projects progress reporting is perhaps as old as pyramids and not much changed in how the progress is reported to people who funded the project or are not present on ground. British were champions at writing reports from colonies to their empires telling them everything is fine! and then 1857 happened.. The Empire had to take a serious view of the surprises thrown at them with the mutiny.



Enterprise projects are no different..Progress reporting has not changed much.. except that reports are sent by email  now..

real-Progress™ product from SharedReach helps Enterprises (including government) with large number of wide spread  projects to Visually see the progress. Compare the progress over two dates, make your own conclusion and ask questions. When applied to government, it brings a powerful tool to people, whose tax money is being used to construct the roads and sewers etc.

SharedReach has implemented its real-Progress™ product for Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon with an attached intranet to manage the high level attributes of the projects.

Click on the link to see the live site for MCG, Gurgaon

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