Remote Assets

Remote Assets

Remote Assets plays a crucial role in delivering of products and services, but needs to installed, maintained and periodically audited.. Cell Towers, Transmission Towers, Pipelines, Visicoolers, GlowSigns are all expensive Assets which Enterprises deploy to deliver goods/services.  When your Auditors sign your balance sheet with a caveat that a sample of these assets were verified, the shareholders are not necessarily very happy about the a large % of assets on books being fuzzy!

But what can you do?



real-Confidence™ helps you collect genuine visuals and location of your assets on an on going basis, helping you keep track of installations, maintenance and audits of these assets.

It brings the confidence that your assets are really there and are in good condition.

We have helped our clients do a baseline of such remote assets and putting together a program to track the installations, maintenance and ongoing census of the assets, bringing up alerts in case of missing, untraceable assets..

Get in touch to know more… we will happy to guide you through how our innovative product delivers you a confident view of your remote assets.