SharedReach vision is to leverage visuals, location information and mobility to redesign enterprise business processes that can benefit from use of such information, that thus far has been difficult to capture, manage and analyze.

Ability to capture, store, transmit the Visual and location information has been made economically viable in recent times with advances in digital photography (a 10 year old phenomenon and only 5 years of mobile photography), availability of GPS and GPRS connected reasonably powerful mobile phones.



Our first set of products are based on our real-Picture™  platform and real-Services™  Services. These  products provide authentic and fast, actionable intelligence for enterprises to “execute smarter” by first tracking remote on-ground execution to a plan and then improving the plan itself.


We believe that developing countries will grow deeper and increasingly investments will be made by enterprises and government in evermore remote markets/areas and hence the need to monitor and react fast to any deviations from plan will be critical.


The SharedReach products though relevant globally are designed specifically to cater to developing countries’ operating environment and are built for 2G networks, failure prone GPRS connections and low cost devices..


Our aim is to become the leading provider of solutions leveraging visual, location and mobility… globally..